Coaching for Effective Leadership

Team CoachingWhat if I said, your coaching can shape a leader forever in just 60 minutes.  What would you say? Maybe more importantly, where would you start?

Coaching is a powerful tool, that can produce life long benefits, especially for leaders. Inside a coaching relationship, coaching the right things (leadership competencies) in the right order (on a pathway) can dramatically change a leader’s effectiveness for the better!  Imagine if you could coach a few small behavioral changes  that made lasting impact.

Without ever leaving your desk, you can learn to coach 8 key behaviors that make every leader more effective!  That’s what cnLeader Online is all about.

cnLeader focuses on the coaching the competencies—what you coach on—that a leader needs to be effective in a pathway toward leadership effectiveness—what you coach toward.  Plus you’ll learn to use exclusive tools that you can use to customize your coaching process to the leader—including assessments and CoachNet’s Storyboard system.

What you get when you sign up for cnLeader:
✓  8 One hour sessions in an online cohort
Training in the Leadership Effectiveness Profiles 8 Key Leadership Competencies.
Coaching Strategies for each competency
Coaching experience using the key tools AND Feedback from an experienced coach, who knows the tools.
✓  An overview of the Leaders portion of CoachNet’s 4C Multiplication Pathway
✓  Storyboards and coaching guides that focus on Competency & Culture (2 of the 4 Cs)

Think of all the leaders whose lives you’ll change.

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This training can be applied toward a fully recognized, International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching credential. This training is presented as 12 coach specific training hours, and focuses on the following ICF Core Coaching Competencies:

2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement
8. Creating Awareness
9. Designing Actions
10. Planning and Goal Setting
11. Managing Progress and Accountability

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