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CoachNet is proud to partner with a number of other ministry and professional organizations.  Because of our commitment to collaboration, we urge you to check out the excellent work our friends and colleagues in ministry are doing.

Logan Leadership LogoLogan Leadership is Bob Logan's latest effort.  Focusing on missional and incarnational living, Logan Leadership brings Bob's years of experience to a form and audience that are engaging the church and the work of the Spirit in new and creative ways.  Learn more at

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InFocus, Inc. is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering denominational networks, mission agencies, local churches, church planters and individual business leaders to reach their full, God-given potential. Through training, coaching and resourcing, InFocus helps define “what’s next” for them and their organization.  Find InFocus at


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Missio challenges leaders and churches to live out the calling to faith in real and authentic relational ways.  Led by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay, authors of The Tangible Kingdom and And, Missio is both practitioner community and though leaders.  Get the latest at


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The First Steps Network teaches and stretches church planters to lead from the discerning heart and think intentionally and strategically.  irstSteps Network is a learning community. Every time we start a church we learn something new. Files and cutting-edge samples will be uploaded weekly to the Network from church planters all over North America and beyond.

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You can also join the specialty FirstSteps Network here on CoachNet.  This network resources church planters in various stages of their development and helps them think strategically about making the most of their opportunities.

ChurchSmart LogoChurchSmart Resources is our strategic publishing partner.  All of the published materials for coach training and Effective Leadership system are distributed by ChurchSmart.  The full family of ChurchSmart Resources is available at

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