Course plans for every experience level and every budget!

As your vision develops, choose the courses that will help you get there!

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Training Courses come in four categories:

  • Anchor Courses:  20 hours over eight weeks.
  • Lab Courses:  Eight hours over eight weeks.
  • Assessment/Elective Courses:  Four hours over four weeks.
  • Turbo Courses:  Four hours in a single week.

Your training can be designed to help you become the coach you want to be!  You can even add in a Harrison Assessment Certification as a part of your training pathway.

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ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.

  • You can use all training courses toward a coaching credential.
  • Mix and Match training courses so that you meet the requirements for your credential.
  • Group Mentor Cohorts help you finish that part of the credential process.

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Courses That Work, for Coaches that Coach.

Check out the Course Catalog

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Four hours to 200 hours.  Mix and match your training options to build the ideal track for you and your coaching.

Anchor Courses

100 Launch gets you started.

400 Essential hones coaching presence.

500 Arc explores the full relationship.

800 Habit builds patterns for success.

Lab Courses

200 Lab is for the pre-credential coach.

Get immediate feedback for immediate improvement.

700 Advanced Lab is for the coach on the PCC track.

Get input from experienced, credentialed coaches who have been there.

Assess Your Coaching.

Identify the behaviors you rely with the Harrison Assessment.

Understand your WHY and motivation through the MCORE

Go beneath the surface with advanced Harrison Assessment reports.

Short Courses

Core skills for every coaching relationship.

Focus on listening or asking questions, or...

Develop your intake process, or...

Take them all!

Four hours per course.

CCE Short Courses

Learn to use coaching with teams, or...

Coach your staff, or...

Coach across generational boundaries, or...

Coach more leaders!

  • "I'm really pleased that I've found CoachNet."
    Jennifer C., Cleveland, OH
  • "I really appreciate putting the ICF into CoachNet's training!"
    Dana A., Santa Barbara, CA

So, how does this work?

Combine courses that interest you to build out your ideal training track.  CoachNet recommends two anchor courses, a lab course, an assessment course and three electives for a total of 64 hours.  Got questions that aren't answered here?  You can schedule a time with a member of the CoachNet Team at this link.

Check out the Full Course Catalog

Who needs Integrated Coach Training?
There are options for coaches of every experience level.

Who will be in my group? Who has used the Integrated Coach Training system?
Individual coaches who want to make all or part of their income from coaching make up the majority of our training clients. Managers who develop their people through coaching show up regularly. CoachNet works with organizations or groups who want to launch coaching movements.

How long will my training take?
Individual courses finish in 4- or 8-week blocks. Your class meets at the same time on the same day of the week. Turbo classes fit an entire course into one week.  A training plan that leads to a credential can be completed as quickly as 4-6 months.

Who will teach my courses?
CoachNet's Training Team carry International Coach Federation credentials and work as professional coaches. These skilled practitioners masterfully present core content and support it from their experience. The team engages in continued development under the direction of Jonathan Reitz, CoachNet's Director of Training. You can Meet the Team here.

Will this training count toward an International Coach Federation credential?
Yes. Integrated Coach Training is Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) and can be used to earn or renew an ICF credential.

How long will each online session be?
Integrated Coach Training courses are either one hour or two hours per session, depending on which course you're taking. We recommend that you don't commit to more than two courses at a time.

My calendar is a problem. Do I have to come to every live session?
You are responsible for attending the entire course, but you can miss 25% of the live sessions (either one or two, depending on the class) as long as you watch the recording before the next session.

Does this mean I'm a certified coach?
That's a loaded question. "Certified coach" is a loaded term, for a lot of reasons. CoachNet prefers the term "trained coach" or "credentialed coach" if you earn an ICF designation.

Can I learn to train people as coaches?
Yes! Once you have an ICF credential, CoachNet has options to equip you to train coaches using the materials from 100 Launch.

Are there payment plans available?
Yes. In the checkout process, you can select a three-payment option. Contact Judy Pence ( for more details.

What if I hate it?
No worries. CoachNet offers a money back guarantee for untaken training if you opt out for any reason.

Is the training guaranteed?
You bet. See the question above.

Don't forget Mentor Coaching!

You can build your training plan to satisfy the International Coach Federation's requirements for coach-specific training.  

CoachNet also has options to satisfy the mentor coaching requirement or to give you the best opportunity to sharpen your skills.  You will become a better coach.

Finish with Mentor Coaching for a pay-as-you-go bundle!

Mentor coaching is the fastest way to polish your coaching skills.  With a small group of peers who are also pursuing an ICF credential, you'll work with an experienced mentor coach to develop the fine points of your coaching skills.  Group and individual options available.

Learn about Mentor Coaching