Jonathan Reitz

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Jonathan ReitzJonathan Reitz has been CoachNet's Chief Executive Officer since 2009.   He's also CoachNet's primary trainer and the author of most of the training options that CoachNet offers.  Jonathan is a member of the Cleveland, Ohio chapter of the International Coach Federation.

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Addressing the leadership development challenge in the church and other organizations gets me up in the morning.  You know, sometimes it keeps me awake at night!” he says.

Jonathan has worked as a church planter, speaker and workshop presenter, and as a strategic planning partner for congregations and denominations across North & South America.  Coaching has always been a core approach, dating to his work in stewardship as a generosity coach. He's also a huge fan of the TV show "Lost", both for entertainment and the spiritual conversations it engages.

Jonathan Reitz

Years Coaching:  16
Years Training Coaches:  10
Role at CoachNet:  Chief Trainer, Practicing  Coach, Architect of CoachNet Training Processes


Reitz Office Phone: 1.440.550.4374
Skype: jonathan.reitz