What the Icons in the CoachNet Store Mean

CoachNet's Training Options are offered in two key formats:  Online and Face-to-Face.  With over 15 years of training experience, CoachNet's Training sets you up for the kind of coaching you want to do!

When you visit the CoachNet store, you'll notice courses are organized into several groups.  Following the numbering from lowest to highest shows you a developmental track to help you become the best coach you can be.

  • 100 level courses (blue icons) are the basics, designed to get you started in formal and informal coaching conversations.
  • 200 level courses (light grey icons) are intended to help you apply coaching knowledge in coaching situations.
  • 300 level courses (darker grey icons) focus on the process of coaching and how you can best serve your client.  This is where you begin to customize your coaching.
  • 400 level courses (blue icons) are built around specialized coaching skills that will serve the coaching niche you want.
  • 500 level courses (green icons) are all about the internal make up of an effective coach.  This is where it gets personal.
  • 600 level courses (darkest grey icons) build your coaching practice.  This is about launching your practice, business development, and implementing your marketing plan.

Special training offerings have their own color coding in the CoachNet store. 

cnLaunch EveningCourses from CoachNet's start-to-finish Evening Track use the same images as the standard course options, but the background is always colored navy/purple.  

If you follow this coloring, you can complete a full cnStandard track with every class taking place on Tuesday nights at 8pm Eastern Time.


cnPlus TurboTurbo courses are colored orange.  Turbo courses are offered multiple times per year come in three different timelines. 

  • One Day Turbos are four hour sessions in a single day.  These courses are typically offered from 1-5pm Eastern time.
  • Two Day Turbos are two 2 hour sessions, typically offered on consecutive days. 
  • Four Day Turbos are one hour sessions offered on four consecutive days in a single week.

cnPractice Face-to-FaceFace-to-face events are colored yellow-green.  CoachNet has one public, face-to-face training week each year, usually in the first week of May.  These events take place at Heartland Community Church in Medina, Ohio.


ACSTHAll of CoachNet's Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and can be used toward an ICF coaching credential.  CoachNet's cnStandard is Approved Coach Specific Training Hours by the ICF and individual courses can be used as Continuing Coach Education hours (CCE).

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