cnPractice--Build a Coaching Practice That Works

You've got the coaching skills.  How will you build a reliable service, business or ministry with them?

Coaches are generous people who work hard.  That sounds like you, right?  But once you've done the hard work of developing your coaching skills, how do you build them into a reliable coaching practice that serves other people and actually makes money? 

cnPractice courses are the ones who could make the difference!

cnPractice IconAn option to be included beyond the core cnStandard curricula is up to 16 hours of training in practice building and business development for coaches. 

You can learn how to launch your coaching practice, develop a value proposition, market your practice or develop a coaching culture.  

cnPractice curricula is made up of 4 additional courses that are offered in 4 hour blocks.  These courses are above and beyond the core cnStandard offerings.

The cnPractice hours are completely optional and are offered for an additional fee.

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