Training Courses

This is where you can find out all the details about CoachNet's training courses. You are a few clicks away from being the coach you want to be!

cnStandard--An All-in-One Course to Coaching Excellence

cnStandard--CoachNet's start-to-finish, first credential training experience--teaches you to leverage your ability to ask great questions and make an impact!

cnLaunch: A coaching skill set that gets you started! (And is proven to help people change.)

These are the details of cnLaunch...CoachNet's entry-level training option for coaches and would-be coaches.

cnLab--Practice Your Skills

This is where you can learn about cnLab...the practice coaching environment from CoachNet.

cnPlus--Unique Training for Unique Coaches

cnPlus concentrations are designed as 24 hours total of coach specific training. BUT you can take any elective by itself as a stand alone training course. You can even mix and match for your own personalized training track!

cnEssential -- Become the Coach You Want to Be

cnEssential is CoachNet's final core training option. You'll sharpen your skills by going on an inward journey of what it means to draw results out of another person.

cnPractice--Build a Coaching Practice That Works

cnPractice courses focus on business skills for coaches who want to operate their own coaching practice.

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