Coaching for Discipleship

What if we--the Church--have gotten scared of one of the keys to our existence? What if we're afraid of change?  

changing to a more vivid you!The very key to discipleship is for the "old to have gone and the new to have come!" (2 Corinthians 5:17) But somehow, discipleship has come to mean "endorse my own godly way of living." That's not a new creation! When the power of the Holy Spirit gets a hold of you, you can't help but want to live a life of love, talking with your neighbors about the Gospel, bringing meals to the sick, visiting prisoners, tutoring kids, challenging injustice, extending grace, and demonstrating the love of God--and others--in tangible ways.   You immediately begin to livid a more vivid, well defined life!

What if you could leverage your coaching skills to help this happen?  What if coaching is the coaching:  the perfect tool to leverage faith.perfect tool to help someone live the life God intended for them?

Barriers between the churches and the neighborhoods crumble. Dialogues begin and those who don’t know Jesus are invited to taste and see. Others in the communities where these churches have a presence take notice of the Spirit at work—and they start asking questions. Enter the specially trained coach for discipleship.  

Coaching has been defined as a "Relationship with a purpose, focused on facilitating change." Imagine using these skills to facilitate spiritual formation. This is discipleship. It’s being transformed by God in such a way that we are growing in character, engaging with God and others, living lives of service, sharing the gospel of the kingdom, living as the hands and feet of Jesus in our daily lives. It’s not just about spiritual formation—it’s a holistic approach. Spiritual formation and its results. This is change!  

If a more whole-life picture of discipleship is what you want to see happening in your churches, then consider Specialized Coach Training in Discipleship. It’s the vehicle that will get you there—to seeing those results in the real world. Your real world.  

CoachNet’s discipleship coaching certification is a 6-7-month intensive process that will provide you with the training, resources and tools to coach others toward a deeper spiritual journey. You will learn specific competencies and micro-skills to be able to facilitate growth-- as those you coach learn to love God, love others and make disciples. Here's an overview of the process:

  • Prep-reading and coach mentoring that helps you prepare for the training event and pre-process the material
  • One and a half day training event that covers the principles of discipleship coaching, as well as the skills you’ll need to excel
  • Follow-up coaching on your coaching from a qualified coach mentor.
  • Online education units that support the application of your coach development.
  • A contextualized focus so you can tailor your hands-on experience to fit your ministry context and needs

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