Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

team meetingThe Effectiveness Leadership Series from ChurchSmart frames a practical application of the work of Dr. Jon Warner of the Worldwide Centre for Organisational Development to the calling of leadership in God's Kingdom.  The Leadership Effectiveness Workshop is one day experience designed to orient your staff or team to their starting point on the leadership development continuum.

Your staff or team can schedule a private leadership workshop with a CoachNet trainer, or you can attend a public workshop that builds your skill in using this powerful tool.  You can even learn to lead these workshops in your church or organization so that you can multiply the effectiveness of your leadership culture.

Two versions of this workshop are available.  The Initial Workshop focuses solely on the top level leadership assessment that ranks the 8 key leadership competencies in a self assessment and action planning process.  Through a combination of assessment, reflection, adult education-style learning and group process, the Initial Workshop culminates in the development of action plans for each particpant.  

The 360 Workshop is an exciting follow up opportunity, ideally scheduled 6-8 months after the initial event.  Each participant completes a 360 degree leadership assessment using a custom version of the Effective Leadership Assessment.  These results are processed in the first have of the workshop.  The second half centers on deeper assessment of the specific competency identified as the biggest growth opportunity in the initial assessment.  Result processing and action planning round out the experience.    The initial workshop is a pre-requisite for this event, and these events are done by appointment only.

We are currently scheduling Leadership Effectiveness Workshops for 2012-13.  Click here to request your scheduling conversation.

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