8 Leadership Competencies

Leadership PuzzleStruggling to fit the pieces together for high quality leadership development?  Sometimes an easy-to-understand framework or roadmap is enough to get you started in the right direction.  CoachNet's Effective Leadership Training process was developed in partnership with Dr. Jon Warner of  the Worldwide Centre for Organisational Development.  Dr. Warner is a pioneer in the fields of organizational development, growth and effectiveness.

The Effective Leadership System is built on 8 core leadership competencies that are present in the majority of reputable leadership literature and that can be supported in the Scriptures.  The 8 core competencies are:

Emotional Intelligence – Looks at our capacity to recognize, understand and harness our own feelings and the feelings of others.

Contextual Thinking - looks at how well we link events, tasks and action into wider perspectives.

Directional Clarity – Looks at our ability to identify a credible destination and indicate how to get there in a clear and simple way.

Creative Assimilation – Looks at how well you creatively draw together disparate information to arrive at robust and clear decisions or courses of action.

Change Orchestration – Looks at how effectively you manage personal and widespread change to actively steer the process to positive and beneficial ends

People Enablement – Looks at how well you empower individuals and teams to feel that the consequences of their actions are their own.

Reciprocal communication – Looks at how well you design and send your message and attentively listen to people’s responses in order to adjust.

Driving Persistence – Looks at the extent to which you tenaciously stay on track and maintain a focus on your goals.

Fitting the 8 core competencies together is the answer to your leadership puzzle!  Want someone to journey alongside of you?  CoachNet can help!  Whether a staff assessment, a coaching relationship, or a custom leadership development plan is in order, drop us a line here to get the process started!

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