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The full CoachNet Training System™ builds on four key areas for your coaching success.  This strategic, people-centered approach lays out how you develop to be the best coach you can possibly be.

No two people are the same, so the CoachNet System is designed to reveal and unlock the unique facets of who are and how you would best function in a coaching relationship.

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The CoachNet Training System™

Let's look at the individual parts of The CoachNet Training System™.  These four concepts frame everything your learn when you come to training with CoachNet.

The 2Start with What's Central to Coaching:   CoachNet's coach training systems starts with the relational dynamics that coaches need to be effective in the kind of relationships that set the stage for maximum impact.  Who should you coach?  What parts of your personality & behavior are most helpful?  Everything happens in coaching in a solid, healthy relationship. How can you leverage your relationships to make a difference in the lives of the people you coach?  That's where we start.


xARROWxModel & Process for Coaching:  The Chain Model of Coaching is a process for coaching effectiveness. Using the five links (Connect, Hear, Articulate, Implement and Notice) and CoachNet's xARROWx Model, you'll learn how to assess your starting point, envision the end point and draw out specific, focused steps that help your clients get where they want to go.  Using the core coaching skills--Generous Listening, Bold Questions, and Focused Action Steps, your coaching will be changing lives in no time!


The 4C PathwayThe 4C Pathway:  Once you've learned the fundamentals of coaching, you are ready to add specialized skills to make the most of what you want to accomplish.  Systematic and including step-by-step guidance, The 4C Pathway guides you and the people you coach toward an exploration of Character, Calling, Competency & Culture.  You'll learn specific coaching strategies to help the people you work to live into their gifts at work, home, church and even in the neighborhood.


The AxisMasterful Coaching:  One of the core commitments of an excellent coach is to serve their clients in whatever way(s) work for the client.  Want to help people change?  The Masterful Coaching Axis helps you make accurate coaching decisions in the blink of an eye. The CoachNet Training System™ has developed a specific and repeatable process to help you triage your client's needs AND a simple, easy-to-execute map for offering the best possible option from your skills, abilities and experience. 


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