Face-to-Face Training

CoachNet's ONLY Face-to-Face training event is taking place on May 4-8, 2015 at Heartland Community Church in Medina, Ohio. 

Do you want to jump start or fast track your coach development?

Jump start your coaching

In the CoachNet offices, we get a phone call like this at LEAST twice a week:

Caller: How long does it take to complete my coach training for a coaching credential?

CoachNet Team Member: The full cnStandard takes about a year.

Caller: (Pauses) Is there any way to do it faster?

cnStandard Hybrid IconWell, yes there is. The Fast Track to completing your coach training is to attend CoachNet’s ONLY Face-to-Face Training event of the year.

Imagine completing the classroom work for 48 of the 64 hours of cnStandard in just one single week. That’s what the Face-to-Face Training Week can do for you!

The only Face-to-Face Training event of the year takes place May 4–8, 2015 at Heartland Community Church in Medina, Ohio (less than 20 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport).

There are still a few spots remaining for this once-a-year Fast Track training opportunity. What if you could spend one week in training…and get more than 2/3rds of the way to your full coaching credential?

So, are you ready to jump start your coaching?

Here’s how the week works:

  • Monday-Tuesday: A full cnLaunch Experience.
  • Wednesday: Concentrated and Specialized Coach Training
  • Thursday-Friday: A full cnEssential Experience.

On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll dive into the full cnLaunch experience. You’ll explore the basic skills involved in coaching effectively and walk out of the training with the ability to coach someone toward their goals and to walk with them as they make their goals a reality! Once you complete the follow up triads and short writing assignments, you’ll earn 20 coach specific training hours!

On Wednesday, you’ve got options for how to customize your training. You can develop specialized coaching skills (The Coaching Track) or focus on developing your coaching practice or the culture of coaching in your church or organization (The Practice Building Track).

Here’s where you can get some details:

Coaching Track:

Practice Building Track:

You’ll take one course in the morning on Wednesday and one in the afternoon, for a total of 8 coach specific training hours! There is one short follow up assignment for each class.

Do you see how these hours can add up?

Then, on Thursday and Friday, focus your coach development on your coaching presence–the internal makeup of the world’s most effective coaches. That’s what cnEssential is all about! When you’ve finished your triads and your follow up assignments, that’s another 20 coach specific training hours!

This is your last chance to register for CoachNet’s only face-to-face training event of the year.

It’s a full week of coach training…and you can do the majority of your classroom work in one week. You’ll be Fast Tracking your coach development!

You’ve got two options: you can take these courses as a part of your cnStandard path to a coaching credential. Register here. Choose the Face-to-Face options in your cnStandard registration for maximum savings…of BOTH TIME and MONEY!

Or…you can sign up individually for any of these courses by following the individual links.

Of course…if you have questions, email Jonathan Reitz at jonathan@coachnet.org or Judy Pence at judy@coachnet.org.

We’d love to see you in the training room. Registration for this once-a-year training opportunity closes on April 30 and there are less than 10 spots available. Don't miss out!  This opportunity only comes around once per year!

Click here to get started!

Face to Face Training Event

The only time in 2015 when you can experience all of CoachNet's training content in one place!

You can do your classroom work for 48 hours of coach specific training in one place, all in one batch!

Training Location:
Heartland Community Church
3400 Weymouth Road
Medina, OH  44256

Only 15 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport!