Become a Training Organization

geeseYou're working on your coaching and mentoring.  You're coaching leaders.  Your coaching skills are getting sharper every single day.  But it's tough to do any coaching for multiplication if you're just one coach in a larger church or organization.  That's where  becoming a CoachNet Training Organization brings new possibilities into the picture!  You can train coaches for your organization using a high-quality scalable and reproducible coach training system,  that is fully operated and managed in-house!  

With the right launch strategy, developing an integrated coaching culture to train and multiply quality coaches can take as little as three training cycles, which we refer to as Coaching, Leadership & Multiplication. 

One key question should be answered before you read any further:  In order for your organization to be successful in accomplishing its mission, how many coaches will you need?  The Training Organization ramp up process is designed to be cost-effective for ministries requiring more than 12 certified coaches.  And from there, the more coaches you train, the more cost effective the process becomes.

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Growing a healthy coaching culture is an organic process.  Three steps simple steps lay out a path for maximum effectiveness (click on the links to learn more):

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    Step 1:  Coaching--CoachNet trains a core group of the right people to set the DNA for your multiplication culture.  Coaching is powerful stuff!  A subgroup of your core team becomes the leadership team for your efforts.
  • Step 2:  Leadership--The second training cycle begins the transfer of leadership.  Your team begins to take charge of the implementation process AND your leadership team begins to manage ongoing development.  You've got a clear vision for where you'd like to be, and it's close!
  • Step 3:  Multiplication--Your team is delivering the process.  Coaches are being sent out to support the vision you're working toward.  Everything you need is working--at a high level--inside your system!

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