CoachNet is a web-based toolkit to support coaches and their coaching relationships.  One of the key ways we do this is through the use of the CoachNet Coaching Tool.  You can use the Coaching Tool to track your client's progress toward their goal(s) and to get a sense of your coaching is paving the way to their results!

Want to take a look at how the coaching tool works?  In the 20 minute demonstration below, CoachNet's Judy Pence walks through what the Coaching Tool can do for you.

CoachNet offers two kinds of memberships:  Premium and Basic.  The Premium Membership, which costs $99 per year, gives you access to all the tools and resources on CoachNet.  Take a look at the Premium Options here.

(A Premium Membership is required for all Ashland Seminary Students or those taking coaching courses through Ashland Seminary.)

The Basic Membership gives limited access to the CoachNet Resource Toolkits.  Want to sign up for a Basic CoachNet membership?  Click this link.

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