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someone is followingSo, you've got leadership responsibilites...either in your church, on the job, or maybe even in your family.  You pass the leadership test--someone(s) is following you--but how do you make the best contribution you possibly can?

First of all, ask yourself a few questions...things like "What is God calling me to accomplish?"  "Who do I need to be to actually do those things?" "Who else can I invite along?"  

The difference is intention.  Great leaders can make a contribution in multiple situations and circumstances because they're clear about what they're trying to accomplish.   Specific skills in leadership competencies teach you how...but the core questions of "what is God calling me to accomplish" and "who do I need to be" speak into the process.   With clear answers to those questions, you can lead from a position of integrity. 

But you don't make this trip fact, in the Scriptures, there really aren't any examples of leaders leading alone.  It always happens in relationship, never in a vacuum.  So, who's leading with you? 

Coaching for leaders in congregations, faith-based organizaitons and Christian businesses can make the difference in living out your calling and just getting by.  Leadership Coaching from CoachNet is built on solid coaching skills and augmented with the Effective Leadership series of assessments from ChurchSmart and the Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development.  Do you want your leadership to make a difference in God's kingdom?  CoachNet can help.

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