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So what kinds of resources are available for the Leadership Multiplication Pathway? Dewey Defeats Truman Think of it like a newspaper. 

You start with the headline (Dewey Defeats Truman) to get the general idea.  Then you look at the leadline (G.O.P. Sweep Indicated in State; Boyle Leads in City) to get a little more clarity on what this story is all about.  From there, you can read the actual story to fill in all the missing pieces.  

CoachNet uses these tools to customize the Leadership Multiplication Pathway for your church, organization, judicatory or organization.   Your church or organization can even license the process so that you can train coaches in-house to maximize your effectiveness!  Contact CoachNet at 1.888.728.4329 or to learn more.  Let's look at how this familiar idiom comes to life to support the Leadership Multiplication Pathway.

The Headline

For the Leadership Multiplication Pathway, the storyboard serves as the headline.  It provides a broad overview of the whole process on a storyboards for the LMPsingle sheet of paper.   This copyrighted format lays out all the steps to accomplish a particular process. 

There is a master storyboard that lays out the entire Leadership Multiplication Pathway (all four phases).  The each individual phase (Obedient Discipleship, Focused Ministry, Effective Leadership, & Continuous Multiplication) has their own individual storyboard that maps each phase in coachable steps.  The storyboard is designed to be used in a coaching situation, and is available only to coaches who have completed Specialized Coach Training in Discipleship (which provides the Obedient Discipleship & Focused Ministry tools) or Specialized Coach Training in Effective Leadership (which covers Effective Leadership & Continuous Multiplication).

The Leadline

Leadership Skill BuilderThe leadline then provides more information to help you engage with each of the major areas.  To this end, we offer skill-builder guides for each of the four primary areas:  obedient discipleship, focused ministry, effective leadership, and continuous multiplication.  With the help of a coach, you can determine whether to process through these in a linear fashion, start-to-finish, or to work through them in a mosaic fashion, starting with the point of greatest leverage.

Skill builder guides are designed to provide deeper understanding of an individual's situation.  They can be used in both discipleship pathways and coaching relationships.  The full family of skill builder guides for the Effective Leadership phase is available from ChurchSmart Resources.  Other phases of the LMP will be rolled out over the remainder of 2011.


A coach journeys alongside of you as you gain confidence and competence iin living out these possibilities.  You can be coached into the deepest levels of effectiveness that you can currently achieve.  As you grow, you might begin to multiply the effects of your growth by becoming trained to coach others using these skills & tools.  You can see the possibilities.                             

The Leadership Multiplication Pathway seminar also fits at the leadline level.  Here is where you can come together with others and flesh out what the Leadership Multiplication Pathway could look like in your ministry.  Where should you start?  What specific resources are available for that area?  We are currently scheduling Leadership Multiplication Seminars for Fall 2011.  Click here to schedule a follow up conversation.

The Story

Skilled coaches can be trained to use a full family of tools to deepen their coaching relationships.    A full family of assessments, skill builders, storyboards and coaching resources has been developed to complement every phase of the LMP.  All tools are designed to be used in a coaching relationship, and do require proper training. Access to story-level tools is restricted to trained, certified coaches.  Want to see a sample of these coaching tools?  Click here to download a sample copy of one of the Discipleship Coaching Guides

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