Effective Leadership

Competency:  Effective Leadership

Ah, leadership.  We all need more leaders, so this is the place we often want to start.  But without the necessary foundations laid in obedient discipleship and focused ministry, the road often ends abruptly.  In fact, trying to make effective leaders out of people who aren’t obedient disciples might just be the most common mistake made in Christian leadership development.  So first, back up and read the first two sections again:     Obedient Discipleship  & Focused Ministry

boat sinking!This is where lots of current processes for leadership development go sideways.  Being a leader with actual leadership responsibility (and authority) requires a level of commitment that is much higher than most church's typical leadership recruitment process.  Being willing to regularly show up for meetings is not a high enough standard for launching a leadeship movement.  Changing this reality will require time and effort, and has to be built on a foundation of character and calling.

And don't overlook the fact that effective leaders can only be made from obedient disciples who are actively engaged in ministry. 

Once those foundations are in place, what does effective leadership look like?   Let’s look at some behaviors of effective leaders in three areas:




Actively serve others

Live authentically

Lead by example

Practice and sharpen leadership skills

Seek support and challenge through a coach


Intentionally seek out others to develop

Start and lead ministries teams


Engage in assessment of own competencies

Coach and empower others

Gather and develop team members

Request feedback for continued development

Teach others to coach


What could your ministry look like with multiple people engaged in these behaviors?  Into what new areas could you expand?  What new people could you reach?  What would happen to your ministry capacity? 

These questions directly lead us into the fourth stage:  continuous multiplication.  

Coaching is designed to focus on the behaviors that an effective leader would need.  That's why coaching is especially effective in this stage of the Leadership Effectiveness Pathway.  Ready to check out coaching or coach training?  Or do you want move on to the fourth stage:  Continous Multiplication.

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