Stages of the LMP

Take a step-by-step trip through the 4 phases of the Leadership Multiplication Pathway. Then be sure to check out the LMP in Your Church to get a clear picture of the full system and how you can take advantage of it!

Obedient Discipleship

The Leadership Multiplication Pathway starts with questions of character. How can you lay a foundation for spiritual formation that sets in motion the multiplication of the right things?

Focused Ministry

What's your calling? How do you live out exactly what God has in mind for you at this time and in this place? This is the second phase of the Leadership Multiplication Pathway: Focused Ministry.

Effective Leadership

Growing leaders with the right foundation is the secret...not everyone is called to this stage of the LMP, but if you are, there are a few key options to look out for that dramatically raise your chances for success.

Continuous Multiplication

Continuous Multiplication is about setting up cultures of generosity where effective leaders give away everything they've been given and God provides the growth!

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