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multiplication movements

What are we really aiming at with the Leadership Multiplication Pathway?  What's our target?  If we take the Great Commandment and the Great Commission seriously, the target is more and better disciples and leaders who are planting & leading healthy and multiplying churches.  And best of all, these disciples, leaders and churches would be growing organically in every part of the world.

A multiplication movement like this starts with a commitment to discipleship, and explodes because of systematic, intentional leadership development.

Let's talk about your commitment to discipleship.  The Scriptures are clear that the purpose of every individual beliver is make disciples.  And when individual belivers come together as the church the purpose is, well, to make disciples.  So how we doing?  We need a strategy, a process.

But it doesn't stop at discipleship...some are called to be leaders--apostles, pastors, teachers, etc.  How do you identify those who are called?  What do you do to develop them?  And, how effective is your in-house process for developing more and better leaders? What's your success rate?

We have a great opportunity in front of us.  What if a lot of the challenges we have in leadership development stem from getting the answers to several key questions wrong?

  • How would you and your leadership efforts benefit from a clear snapshot of where you're starting?
  • What about your vision? What are you trying to accomplish?

Now consider this, what if there was an assessment-based process that is flexible enough to meet a person where they are, AND robust enough to take any committed individual on an effective journey of growth? How would that change your results?

The CoachNet Team can come alongside of you to help you take a snapshot of where your team is today and to make an achievable action plan to sharpen your leadership development process. We'd love to talk with you about launching a Leadership Multiplication Pathway. To set up an initial consultation, please contact us at or phone 1.888.728.4329 or send us your contact information here.

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