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The Skill Builder Web Events Archive (Links take you to the recording or files referenced during the recording.)
January 2011--"Using Assessments in your Coaching."
February 2011--"When is a Person Ready to be Coached?"
Slides / Intake Guide
March 2011--"Strategies for Coaching Discipleship"
April 2011--"Coaching Your Staff--Good Idea or No?"

June 2011--"How to Improve as A Coach"

July 2011--"Coaching for Leaders"

August 2011--"Coaching in YOUR Church"
October 2011--"Coaching Teams Effectively"
December 2011--"10 Ways to Make Sure You're Ready to Coach"


Web Events from the CoachNet Team

How Coaching Makes a Difference presented by Bob Logan and Jonathan Reitz

How to Take your Leadership to a Whole New Level presented by Bob Logan

SERIES - Making Life Count: Following Jesus in the 21st century

Part 1: Following Jesus in the 21st Century presented by Bob Logan and Tara Miller

Part 2: Implementing Making Life Count in YOUR Church presented by Bob Logan

Part 3: Facilitating Making Life Count Groups presented by Bob Logan and Tara Miller

Other Topics:

Implementing NCD in Your Region presented by Bob Logan and Jeannette Slater

Making the Most of NCD presented by Bob Logan and Jeannette Slater



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