Skill Builder Web Events

skill builder web eventsWant to be a better coach? Of course you do!

Looking to learn the latest insight and best practices from the top coaches in the CoachNet universe? You bet!

Willing to invest a little of your time and energy in order to improve? YES! 

Then CoachNet's Skill Builder Web Events are for you! Every month CoachNet will host a web event (or sometimes a series of web events) about topics that speak directly to your ongoing development.  This is the fast track to becoming a better coach!

The typical schedule for the Skill Builder Web Events is typically the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm Eastern. (NOTE: Occasionally, some events are on different days.) All events are recorded, and will be available on the CoachNet site.  Find the archive here.

Got an idea for what you'd like to see on the Skill Builder Web Events? Email it to or log on to the CoachNet Facebook page and enter it on the discussion boards!

SBWE LogoThe Skill Builder Web Events Archive (Links take you to the recording or files referenced during the recording.)
Events take place monthly on the first Wednesday at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.
January 2011--"Using Assessments in your Coaching."
February 2011--"When is a Person Ready to be Coached?"
Slides / Intake Guide
March 2011--"Strategies for Coaching Discipleship"
April 2011--"Coaching Your Staff--Good Idea or No?"

June 2011--"How to Improve as A Coach"

July 2011--"Coaching for Leaders"

August 2011--"Coaching in YOUR Church"

October 2011--"Coaching Teams Effectively"

December 2011--"10 Ways to Make Sure You're Ready to Coach"