Webinars with Gary Rohrmayer


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Recordings of Previous Gary Rohrmayer Web Events

The Sharper Edge Leadership Series

March 2013--Letting Leaders do the Vision:  Delegation
February 2013--Preparing Leaders to Do the Vision:  Equipping
January 2013--Cultivating Vision Ownership - Strategic Planning
November 2012--Casting Vision Effectively
October 2012--Capturing a Harvest-Sized Vision
Sepetmber 2012--Sharpening Your Axe

Next Steps for Leading a Missional Church:
April 2012- "Loving Relationships"  Slides

March 2012--"Gift-Oriented MInstry"  Slides

February 2012--"Holistic Small GroupsSlides

November 2011--"Passionate Spirituality"  Slides

October 2011 "Inspiring Worship"  Slides

September 2011  "Empowering LeadershipSlides

May 2011 "Need Oriented Evagelism"  Slides

April 2011 "Healthy Church Systems"   Slides

March 2011--"Missional Alignment around Vision, Values & SystemsSlides

February 2011-- "Characteristics & Skills of a Missional Leader"      Slides