NextSteps for Leading a Healthy Church, Part 2--Missional Alignment to Vision, Values and Systems

NextSteps, Part 2--Missional Alignment to Vision, Values and Systems from CoachNet TV on Vimeo.

Gary Rohrmayer unpacks the process for aligning around the core concepts of Natural Church Development for Missional Effectiveness.

Some practical questions:
Does your vision breathe the mission of God?
How easily measurable are your values?
How well are your systems achieving missional outcomes?

The bottom line is: How do you bring missional alignment to vision, values and systems?

In this 60 minute webinar--where you don’t have to travel or spend any money--Gary Rohrmayer will be joined by Jonathan Reitz of CoachNet. You will:
Discover what vision is and isn’t
Learn how you can make you values measurable
Gain a better understanding of how systems work in the local church

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