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jumpropesFrom time to time, the CoachNet team will offer free workshops that are intended to support your development or encourage your growth.  Topics range from introductions to coaching to leadership development and skill building that can immediately impact your congregation.

One free option that you can check out every single Monday at 2pm Eastern is the free orientation to the CoachNet coaching tool.  

This 45 minute session walks you through the skills needed to get the most out of the coaching tool, including:

  • Opening a CoachNet Membership, at both the paid and free levels
  • Setting up a coaching relationship
  • Inviting people to join your coaching relationship
  • Taking notes
  • Action Plans
  • Managing a session
  • Best practices
  • Navigating the other areas of the CoachNet site

This session repeats every Monday at 2pm Eastern.  When registering, be careful to register for the day you're intending to attend!  Get started on your registration here:

Event Registration Online for CoachNet Web Demo, Every Monday at 2PM Eastern powered by Eventbrite

More options will be listed as they become available!

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