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Vision, strategy, leadership, even asset-based thinking...all free & all for you to use with your church or leadership team. Stuff your church can use any time you want...some of it from the CoachNet Team and some of the best stuff from around the church

8 Leadership Competencies

Jon Warner's 8 Leadership Competencies...for you and your church.

Quick and Simple Asset Mapping

Asset-based thinking helps you take a posture of abundance instead of scarcity. You always coach toward what you have and leverage as many resources as possible!

How to Cast an Effective Vision

How well do you cast vision? How are you communicating the things that God is communicating to you to accomplish?

Do We Need an NCD Coach?

How would your congregation benefit from working with a trained Natural Church Development Coach? This will help you answer some of the hard questions.

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Featured BlogsThoughts about coaching, coach development, leadership, and all things CoachNet from CEO Jonathan Reitz and the CoachNet Blog Community.

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