These free tools will get you started on your way to high quality coaching, more effective leadership, better church health, and a happier, more fulfilled life. (Ok, that last part may be a bit of a stretch.)


These tools will help you focus your coaching, track progress, and generally focus in the right places. Some of these resources are from current CoachNet/ChurchSmart resources, some are brand new!

Coaching Guides

These tools will focus your coaching on specific situations. Ranging from Discipleship to NCD to situational coaching guides, there's something that's useful for just about any coach. More resources added on a regular basis!

Tools for My Church

Vision, strategy, leadership, even asset-based thinking...all free & all for you to use with your church or leadership team. Stuff your church can use any time you want...some of it from the CoachNet Team and some of the best stuff from around the church

Free NCD Resources

Check out the NCD Journey, a step-by-step process for moving your congregation through the Natural Church Development process.

The Latest...

Featured BlogsThoughts about coaching, coach development, leadership, and all things CoachNet from CEO Jonathan Reitz and the CoachNet Blog Community.

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