Who Needs A Coach?

"I can't imagine living in ministry without having a coach!" 

--Pastor Diane Loberger, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

A coaching relationship--especially a first coaching experience--is different than any other relationship.   Both coach and person being coached--what we at CoachNet call the leader--pour themselves into the relationship, but all the energy and results generated in the coaching relationship are focused on the goals chosen by the person being coached.  That's right--the coach does not set the agenda for the coaching relationship.who needs a coach?

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The coach is committed to listening first, and strives to ask powerful questions.  All for the benefit of the leader.  The other person.  Coaching is truly a generous proposition...it's a chance to give to the other person without any regard to what the coach gets back in return.  Think about it, a relationship where someone's goal is to make things better for the OTHER person.

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