young pastorYou’re a pastor.  You’ve got a full plate.  You’re charged with guiding each individual member’s spiritual development, setting a vision for the congregation’s direction, and running the day-to-day operation of the church.  On top of this, you have to build and sustain healthy relationships with the members of the church in order to be effective.

Plus, this isn’t just any job.  Being a pastor is a calling of the highest order.

Think about this.  Ministry is not just something that you decide to take up.  Your discipleship journey gave you no option…serving God’s people in an existing church, a church plant or other ministry setting was something God picked out for you.  And it’s hard.  VERY hard.

The hours are long.  Even the most focused congregation can wander off mission from time to time.  Relationships can go well one minute and poorly the next.  You need someone to come alongside of you to listen, ask good questions, and to help you figure out what comes next.  You need a coach.

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