Clergy aren't the only key leaders in a church.  Lay leaders are the engine that drive the bus for most congregations. 

leadership--someone is following!But the leadership challenges facing lay people in a church setting are different that the leadership challenges they face in any other part of life.    Sure, a vestry leader or church council member or elder might be an enormous success in a leadership position in the business world, but can you handle a staff situation involving a key volunteer the same way as you would a human resources conversation?

Or how about a conflict between a ministry funding partner and a key staff person?  The leadership challenges in a church or faith-based non-profit  are built on solid relational skills, Biblical problem solving, and strategic thinking.    Know how to navigate this maze of challenges? 

Coaching for leaders in congregations, faith-based organizaitons and Christian businesses can make the difference in living out your calling and just getting by.  Leadership Coaching from CoachNet is built on solid coaching skills and augmented with the Effective Leadership series of assessments from ChurchSmart and the Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development.  Do you want your leadership to make a difference in God's kingdom?  CoachNet can help.

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