How does your church compare to what it looked like 25 years ago?  How about 10 years ago?  5?   At the rate of change in our world today, is it any surprise that your church is sometimes caught off guard by what's going on around you?modern church

Chances are you're looking at a different reality than what you remember from even the recent past.  Managing change and setting people on the road toward intentional change is hard for today's churches...and with the pace of change in the world right now, intentional change is only going to become more important for leaders in today's churches.

church in Nome, AlaskaBut what if your vision for change looks more like the church on the right than the church above and on the left?  What about change that involves recapturing some of what used to be right with your church?   Isn't there a place for re-connecting with your church's original vision in today's church?

Coaching for churches starts with understanding what's coachable and what's not...coaching to populate the Sunday School "like we had in the old days" is not a coachable issue, but coaching that focuses on connecting with the kids that do live in your neighborhood  IS something we can focus on!    The young family is the Holy Grail of Today's Church--you know, everyone is looking to connect with them!!--and a coach can help you find ways to connect with young families.  The best part is that an effective coach will not only help you make connections, those connections will be connections that only your church can make!

So what can coaching help your church accomplish?  How about discipleship?  Or leadership development?  Or even a process like Natural Church Development or Transform One.  Coaching can make the difference. 

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