Building a Coaching Practice

One of the most common questions in the coaching world right now is “How do I start a coaching practice?” followed very closely by “How do I get people connected to me as a coach?”  Opportunities for effective coaching and for highly-skilled coaches are cropping up every day. More people are beginning to understand the value of coaching, and more people are training to serve as coaches. Now is a great time to launch a coaching practice!

two for you one for your coachThe CoachNet Team gathered some tips from experienced coaches on how to get your coaching practice started.  Although all of our examples come from the CoachNet world, the same principles apply whatever your context, business or ministry.  

So, here are some thoughts about launching your coaching practice:

·  Get a coach:  Launching a coaching practice would benefit from the same advice as you would give to anyone with a big goal: get a coach!  Being coached is the single most effective way of reaching your goal.

·  Pray and reflect. There is no substitute for hearing the voice of God. Spend time listening and reflecting. What does God really want you to do? Knowing that you’re on the path God intends for you will provide the confidence you need to keep going when things get tough.

·  Find your niche. Even if you are open to coaching in a variety of areas, who are you most passionate about coaching? Where do you want to focus your investment? Starting a practice geared toward parenting coaching will look quite different from starting a practice coaching church planters. If you’re uncertain, try imagining your ideal client.

·  Pump up your credentials. Anyone looking for a coach will want some form of documentation that you’re good at what you do, especially seeing as the area of coaching is still largely unregulated. NOTE:  This is especially important when you’re first starting your coaching career.  Find ways to document that you’re good—and also that you’re continuing to get better. Get certified. Take annual assessments that can document your growth. Attend advanced coach trainings to keep up with the growth of the field. In short, get trained as a coach, and then keep on growing. Starting any new business requires a significant investment of time and money, and coaching is no exception.

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