11 Core Coaching Competencies

In a coaching conversation, there are three key components that set a coaching relationship up for success:  Relationship + Purpose + Intention.  You might think of these three as the things that add up to coaching.

Relationship means how the coach and the person being coached connect & interact.
Purpose means WHY the relationship exists.
Intention means that the coach is committed to acting in the relationship only in the ways an effective coach would act and using the tools that effective coaches use.

Icf logoIn order to help coaches become more effective, the International Coach Federation has developed 11 Core Coaching Competencies that are designed to frame effective coaching relationships.  You can read about the competencies on the ICF website.

CoachNet orients all coaching & training around these 11 Core Competencies.

Take a look at how the 11 competencies fit into the Relationship + Purpose + Intention model:

1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards (A. Setting the Foundation)
3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client (B. Co-creating the Relationship)
11. Managing Progress and Accountability (D. Facilitating Learning and Results)

2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement (A. Setting the Foundation)
8. Creating Awareness (D. Facilitating Learning and Results)
10. Planning and Goal Setting (D. Facilitating Learning and Results)

4. Coaching Presence (B. Co-creating the Relationship)
5. Active Listening (C. Communicating Effectively)
6. Powerful Questioning (C. Communicating Effectively)
7. Direct Communication (C. Communicating Effectively)
9. Designing Actions (D. Facilitating Learning and Results)

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