[Online} 100 cnLaunch-EVENING July'14 Condensed Cohort

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This is the first required track in cnStandard. This is built on the model that CoachNet has used since 1999, and is designed to get you started coaching with solid skills. Completing cnLaunch with a CoachNet trainer gives you 18 hours of coach specific training. This cohort starts on Tuesday July 8 at 7pm Eastern Time/4pm Pacific. 18 Hours, delivered fully online; 4 weeks of sessions, from 7-10pm in each session. (Yes, there will be breaks!)

With CoachNet's cnLaunch--Fully Online Coach Training, you'll learn core skills that will get you started. 

What you'll get:  all the tools you need to start using coaching skills in your life, work, church or family, 4 sessions of instruction in the CoachNet system from an expert coach, a membership to CoachNet, and connections with other coaches who are looking to apply the core coaching skill sets to their context! Not to mention, coaching skills that will last a lifetime!

This online cnLaunch cohort begins Tuesday, July 8,  2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT and every  Tuesday for the next 4 weeks.

This training is the first step toward a fully recognized, International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching credential and is presented as 16 coach specific training hours covering all 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

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