The Sharper Edge Leadership Webinar with Gary Rohrmayer

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sharper Edge Leadership Webinars
Sharpening Your Skills for Breaking Growth Barriers

There is a lot of material on how to break growth barriers from an organizational perspective but little from a personal development outlook. This series of webinars is designed to look at the essential skills needed for a pastor to lead their church to the next-level of missional impact.

We continue our series Tuesday April 1st at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific. 

Presented by CoachNet Global, Gary Rohrmayer is leading a free webinar series for pastors, church planters and leaders desire to take their ministries to the next level. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Vision – Church Health

In this 60 minute webinar, where you don’t have to travel or spend any money Gary Rohrmayer will be joined by Jonathan Reitz of Coachnet Globaland you will

  • Discover the power of measurement
  • Learn how to create a church health rhythm
  • Gain a better understanding of church health ratios
  • Receive practical ideas in raising the quality of your ministry

You can expect to learn

  • How to use measurement in casting vision
  • How to design and create reproductable systems throughout your church
  • How to measure the overall moral of your church
  • How to build a team who will improve your systems

Register for this series here.

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