cnStandard--Beginning Coach Development -Temecula, CA, May 6-7, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Trinity Lutheran Church
Temecula, CA

This step-by-step course takes you from exploring coach training options all the way to getting your first coaching certification.  Getting certified isn't requird, but it's the best way to open more doors for you and your new skills.

After the two day trainig, you'll have a fundamental undrstanding of coaching and coaching skills.

If you include the option coach mentoring, you can be a certifed coach in as little as 10 months!

Steps include:

  1. training — Two days of face-to-face instruction from a coaching expert, with additional work online.
  2. Launch— Includes reading, online training, taking a behavioral assessment, and recruiting two people to coach during training.
  3. Supervised Triads — “Practice” coaching experiences with two other coaches-in-training. You’ll have an opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching. A coach mentor will observe and give feedback.
  4. Mentored Experience — Your first “real” coaching experiences, with support from your coach mentor.
  5. Assessment — Includes taking an online coaching assessment, then completing a personal development plan.
  6. Review — Preparing your coaching portfolio. CoachNet will review it and help you refine it before submitting it to CoachNet for Certification.
  7. Certification — You’ll become certified in Standard Coaching after your portfolio is reviewed.

Cost:  $595, plus $1500 if you choose the optional coach mentor relationship.

Full training event details available here.



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