cnAdvanced Coach Training

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christ Church
Columbia Station, OH

cnAdvanced focuses on YOU and your development.  How do you make the right moves so that you are every bit of coach you're capable of being?

This two day training and optional mentor relationship will get you there!

NOTE: You must have a standard certification from a recognized training organization to attend Advanced Coach Triaining. An application may be required.

The Advanced Coach Training process will build and sharpen your coaching skills, with new content and focus that are intelligently designed to update annually and stay in line with the current research on coaching done by CoachNet and other leading coaching organizations. The timeline for the process is as follows:

Registration: Enrollment in the training process. (Hopefully, you're doing this now!)

Pre-Work - Complete Assessments.

Training -  Two days of  face-to-face instuction from a  coaching expert.

Supervised Triads - "Practice" coaching experiences with two other coaches-in-training.  You'll have an opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching.  Your coach mentor will observe and give feedback.

Optional Mentor Relationship:

  • Follow-up coaching - Ongoing support from you coach mentor.
  • Online Training - To support your classroom and hands-on learning.

More details here.

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