Skill Builder Web Event #10

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We all do're coaching and your mind wanders.  Or a question that you've been thinking about just doesn't come out of your mouth right.  Or you misread something that the person being coached wrote on your session notes.  After it happens, you realize that you just weren't ready for the session.

How do you prepare for your coaching calls?  What could you do better or differently?  How can you make the most of your preparation time?  In this 60 minute web event, you will learn strategies to:
  • Pre-select coaching questions (before your call begins)
  • Pray for the people you coach
  • Get as much preparation in as little time, and
  • The Single Most Effective Preparation Tool in the History of Coaching (and that's not laying it on too thick!)

Join CoachNet for this time of intentional skill building.  You want to be a better coach, right?  Join us on Wednesday December 7, 2011 at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.  Recordings of Skill Builder Web Events are archived on CoachNet.

Register here.

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