FiveTwo WikiConference

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

700 S. Westgreen
Katy , TX 77450

Wiki means collaboration.

At FiveTwo, we believe that we are stronger than I.  FiveTwo is a missional matchmaker, seeking to connect you with the people who have been where you want to go.  We desire to help you reach God’s lost people in a sacramental, community-focused way.

Are you a church planter or a sr. pastor? A worship leader or a lay leader?  Considering missional communities or moving towards a multi-site model?  Forming a multiethnic ministry in the suburbs or downtown?  Starting new or seeking to revitalize?  The FiveTwo WikiConference is for you and your entire team.

Some of our unique features:

  • Over 30 Speakers. From Alan Hirsch, theological traveler seeking to connect the ancient with the now, to Jonathan Reitz, CEO of CoachNet and friend to church planters around the world, to Mark Junkans of LINC, an urban church planting and economic renewal ministry, to Bill Woolsey, founding pastor of CrossPoint Community Church, a multi-site congregation reaching God’s lost people, to a variety of men and women who know “how” because they are living it.
  • A WikiWarRoom. Open 3 hours a day and staffed with some of the most experienced replication generals we know.  Each participant will get 7 minutes of one-on-one counsel for his or her most pressing mission issue.
  • A WikiSite. Bring your laptop or iPad and contribute your notes and insights to our WikiSite throughout the conference.  The WikiSite will then be connected into our site for future reference and learnings.
  • Nightly WikiMeetUps. We are lining up a number of night spots where FiveTwo reps will be hanging out, giving you an opportunity to meet up face to face.  Districts and teams can also use these evenings to gather their staff for encouragement and debriefing.
  • Fantasical Music. From the free opening night concert featuring Christian artist Derek Webb to the house band of some of our synod’s best worship leaders, you will discover how the ancient and modern can come together in incredibly moving ways.

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