Advanced Coach Training

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ChurchSmart Resources
St. Charles, IL 60174

Ready to take your coaching to a new level? CoachNet's Advanced Coach Training starts with an assessment of your current coaching competency, builds a personal development plan, and then coaches your to impactful implementation. This six month mentored process will take your coaching to higher levels of effectiveness!

NOTE: You must have a standard certification from a recognized training organization to attend Advanced Coach Triaining. An application may be required.

The Advanced Coach Training process will build and sharpen your coaching skills, with new content and focus that are intelligently designed to update annually and stay in line with the current research on coaching done by CoachNet and other leading coaching organizations. The timeline for the process is as follows:

Registration: Enrollment in the training process. (Hopefully, you're doing this now!)

Pre-Work: Reading, identification of short term coaching relationships, behavioral assessment, and introductory coaching for fundamental core coaching skills.

Training: 1 day face-to-face event.

Web Education: 4 units for specialized application. Most units have follow up assignments that are prepared and submitted as a part of a certification portfolio. These units are completed at your convenience over the course of the training process.

Mentored Experience: Application of training content through coaching in intentional relationships and receiving coaching on your coaching. 6 sessions over six months that also mirror the arc of the two coaching relationships that are a part of Advanced Coach Training.

Assessment: Taking and processing the CoachNet Online Coaching Assessment. A Personal Development Plan is completed.

Review: A portfolio describing coaching competency and accomplishment is prepared and critiqued by CoachNet Staff. Portfolio is submitted for evaluation and preparation to be considered for credentialing.

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