The 2016 Training Calendar is available!

By Jonathan Reitz

November 3, 2015

CoachNet's 2016 Training Calendar is available!All about Coaching

We're proud to announce the 2016 class offerings, specifically designed for anyone looking to engage in mentor coaching or coach training.

The 2016 Training year will begin in January and run through November. You'll be able to develop your skills through mentor coaching or find a coach training opportunity that equips you with new skills.  The training calendar centers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with convenient course times spread throughout the day.

Here are a couple of key highlights from next year's calendar:

Frequency:  Every course in the CoachNet training catalog will be offered at least twice in 2016.  We start on January 26, 2016 at 8pm Eastern with the first sessions of cnPlus electives and the kickoff of 100 cnLaunch in our new Evening Track. (More on that in a minute.)

Changes to the CoachNet Store:  The CoachNet store has been re-organized to reflect courses available by the season of the year.  You'll find courses offered in:
- Winter 2016 (from January through March),
- Spring 2016 (April through June),
- Summer 2016 (July and August), and
- Fall 2016 (September through November).  

You'll also see that the images in the CoachNet store are now color coded.  Read more here.
Every 2016 course is loaded into the CoachNet store, so now's the time to plan your 2016 Coach Training.  Here's a link to check out the Winter course options.

Evening IconEvening Training:  During 2016, you will be able to finish a complete cnStandard training track on Tuesday evenings. This is perfect for the coaches looking for deeper training while still working full-time. Look for the link in the left margin of the CoachNet store marked "Evening" or click this link to see the full year's options.

cnPlus TurboTurbo Courses:  You told us you like options, and some of you prefer faster timetables on courses. So, we're expanding our Turbo Course options!  Turbo courses will be spread throughout the year, in several different formats. You'll be able to take cnPlus electives three ways:
- One Day Turbos (four hours in a single afternoon),
- Two Day Turbos (two hours per day on two days, usually consecutive) or
- Four Day Turbos (four consecutive days/one hour each day).

Look for these in the CoachNet store with the Orange icons, or click here to see them all.

Mentor Coaching:  2016 Mentor Coaching will launch in March and August.  Look for more details in the CoachNet store!

2015 Wrap Up:  Just so you don't think we're ignoring the rest of this year, you still have a few chances to ramp up your training before 2015 ends.  You can still wrap your coaching year up with new skills that will help you make 2016 the best year ever.

In December of this year, you can complete your 200 cnLab302 Establishing an Effective Coaching Relationship or 410 Strategic Coaching.  These courses are all in Turbo format so in less than two weeks you can earn 16 coach specific training hours.  And all before Christmas!  Click the links for more information.

ACSTHICF Approved:  Every CoachNet course gets you closer to your International Coach Federation (ICF) credential, and CoachNet's cnStandard is ACSTH approved by the ICF.  You want a credential, don't you?

Of course, let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to get on the phone and talk with you about your options. CCE UnitsJust click here to send me an email and we will schedule a time to talk!

Hope to see you in the training room soon! Jonathan

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