CoachNet's cnStandard is now ICF Approved!

By Jonathan Reitz

August 10, 2015

We have an enormous announcement to make...CoachNet has moved to a new level!

ACSTH LogoCoachNet's cnStandard was recently approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). This means that any student in a CoachNet training course is guaranteed to be able to use their coach training hours toward an International Coach Federation credential.

We were granted approval for 116 hours of coach specific training. Find CoachNet on the ICF website here. 

This approval is the result of an almost two-year journey. Every single minute of CoachNet training was submitted for approval to the ICF and was reviewed by a panel of evaluators. Every idea, concept and training course was evaluated in light of the ICF core coaching competencies.

After this extensive review, CoachNet has been recognized as one of the small handful of training programs and measures up to ICF standards!

Here's what this means for you: if you took a CoachNet training course since the beginning of 2013, you received the exact training experience that the ICF reviewed and approved. You've now got options for earning your coaching credentials that are only available to coaches who commit to a training program that is recognized by the ICF.

A professional coaching credential will set you apart from other coaches and will put you on a fast track to effectiveness and credibility that only professional coaches can pursue.

Best of all, when you apply for an ICF credential after completing a CoachNet training course, you are all but guaranteed for approval. And your approval will come in just a few weeks!

If you sign up for CoachNet training this fall you could have your professional coaching credentials as little as eight months!

We would love to have a phone conversation with you about your ongoing coach development. Please shoot me an email ( and we will schedule a time to talk about your next steps.

Here are some answers to questions I know are running through your mind:

How important is it that I have a coaching credential? Professional credentials set high-quality coaches apart from their peers. There is no disputing the fact that an ICF credential is the highest quality endorsement of your coaching skills. A credential not only gives you the confidence to coach effectively, but also communicates to your clients that you are a professional and take your coach development seriously.

What if I didn't take (or don't want to take) the entire cnStandard course? That's no problem. The ICF allows us to break the full 64 hour cnStandard course into its building blocks. For example, if you take cnLaunch, you'll get training hours only for cnLaunch. If you took one of our cnPlus electives, you'll get hours for that course. We can mix and match based on the training options that suit the kind of coach you want to be.

When does CoachNet's approval go into effect, and how long does it last? Our approval is dated May 31, 2015 and lasts until January 31, 2019.

But don't worry, there are some options if you took your training prior to that. Coaches who trained with us between January 2013 and May 31, 2015 can request a letter from CoachNet that documents that the training you took is exactly the same training as was approved by the ICF. This will shorten your application process considerably.

What do I do if I started my coach training before the beginning of 2013? That's an ideal situation to get on the phone with us to explore your options. We have several low-cost options for you to improve or upgrade your coach training if you took your training with us prior to that date.  Please shoot me an email ( and we will schedule a time to talk about your next steps.


I hope you'll join us in celebrating this new accomplishment. Thanks for being a part of the CoachNet training world. We look forward to helping you develop high quality coaching skills that serve your clients and make an impact in your own life.

Let's talk sometime soon about what's next in your coach development journey!

Jonathan Reitz
Judy Pence
Kevin Weaver
Joel Oliver
The CoachNet Training Team

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