A Little Bit Goes A Long Way...

By Jonathan Reitz

June 8, 2015

Hello Summer

Fitness professionals often say that several small drinks of water over a period of time is more effective than one long drink for hydration during exercise. There's something about giving your body time to catch up to the re-hydration process that makes it more effective.

Better hyrdration means more efficient exercise and with more efficient exercise comes more fitness gains. This is a helpful reality, because you can do this with just about any skill you want to learn. The process I call Learning Hyrdration works like this:

  • Break what you want to learn down into small pieces.
  • Work on the first piece for a short period of time. Then walk away.
  • Before you go, decide how long it will be before you pick it back up.
  • And then when that time comes actually pick it back up.
  • When you go back, review what you learned in the last session for just a few minutes. Then get to work on new stuff. It's ideal if the new stuff builds on what you learned in the last session.
  • Before too long you have covered a tremendous amount of ground, and you've acquired a wide range of skills (in coaching).

You can use this process to learn just about anything. And it works.

In your brain what's going on is you are making new neural connections and then reinforcing them with review. Building on what you learned previously reinforces those concepts again.

What challenges do you think you could help your clients conquer with this approach? This really is the heart of the connection between designing actions, planning & goal setting and the coaching agreement. Try it with your clients. It works!

At CoachNet, this balance is our guiding principle in coach training. When you're working on your coaching skills, several short bursts is better than one long immersion.

CoachNet training covers new ground in small, manageable bites. Then we stop. We come back at the next session, and review. Then we go onto the next small manageable bite. This small-bite-then-break process is why online training happens with breaks in between.

CoachNet trainings are always built with one session per day and then a break. Based on your schedule, you can choose how long in between those sessions.

This has been proven to work over the last three years in developing coaching skills. This process works. Listen to some of these comments:

"This class was great, and really helpful in MANY ways!"

                              Dana Allin, ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, Goleta, CA

"Thanks for all your work developing the CoachNet classes. cnEssential was very helpful for me in my learning. The most practical aspect was the coaching practice that you had us do. Even though it is uncomfortable it was very helpful."

Aaron Goodrich, Grand Rapids, MI

The step-by-step approach is powerful. You can acquire a high level of coaching skills in a matter of days or weeks. During most of CoachNet's training, we typically take a week in between sessions. But during the Summer Turbo courses, the break is only one day between sessions so you finish courses in a week or two, instead of 4 to 8 weeks.

BTW...The 2015 Summer Turbo courses start TOMORROW and registration closes tonight at 9pm Eastern. You can find them in the CoachNet Store here. Look for the blazing orange TURBO logos.

Turbo Bar

If you're thinking about a cnPlus elective or formalizing your coaching skills with cnLaunch or practicing with cnLab, now is the time to sign up. These summer condensed turbo courses come off the roster tonight at 9 PM.

I know you want to be an excellent coach. I know you're thinking about the next phase in your coach training. If you'd like to get this done on a condensed summer friendly schedule, you've got to sign up by 9 PM tonight.

Here's all the options and how to get started.

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