How To Make Your Summer Last All Year Long--Coaching Style

By Jonathan Reitz

June 6, 2015

Hello Summer

It's summer.   We look forward to this time of year all year long.  There are fewer appointments on your calendar. Fewer people that want to meet, maybe even just fewer people around on a daily basis.

There are two routines to life:  Summer and everything else.  Welcome to Summer.

Summer is a time for the important things:  your family, a little rest, and a focus on the things that make a difference in life.

Because of this, the Summer routine is a good time to step back and evaluate how things are actually working for you.   Investing a little bit of time during the summer sets the stage for bigger impact in the other season.    

You might focus on how you want to develop yourself for the next season.  That's why we offer Summer Turbo courses during the slower season.  Learn more here, and don't forget that registration closes on Monday.  Only a few slots left.  

But even if summer training isn't on your radar, take a little time to evaluate how you are replenishing your energy.  Someone put together a simple guiding principle to help organize the slower times of life.  It goes like this:  Divert daily.  Withdraw weekly.  Escape quarterly.  Abandon annually.

I use this principle myself to organize sabbath and rest.  I think it really works.   Let's look at each phase.

Divert daily. If I'm really honest, this is the hardest one for me. Every day let your mind wander. Check out something unrelated to your coaching.  Expand your world by committing to 20 to 30 minutes every day where you step out of the routine of daily life.  Give yourself a break, and watch how your productivity improves.

Withdraw weekly.   Productivity experts recommend a weekly "state of" time block.  During this one to four hour segment, the productive leader evaluates where they are and where they're going.  This is the time for mid course adjustments or corrections. I like to use early Saturday morning for this period of time.  Think of it as a quick confirmation that you're on course for your goals.

Escape quarterly. Setting goals is what happens in this 1-3 day block.  Because you're building on  Getting out of the office and out of the routine is crucial, because it gives clarity and focus to your planning process. I need a change of scenery, so I like doing this when I'm out of town and away from the office. My usual routine is to add a day when I'm already out of town on some other reason, then I cloister myself away from people and the phone so that I can think about the big picture issues and opportunities.  Coming back to the routine with a refreshed set of goals is powerful.

Abandon annually.  Once a year, do a state of all the things on the calendar. This is where what's working and what's not working gets evaluated.  You can check how the things you have identified as important are stacking up.  This is also the chance to stop doing things. Stuff can come OFF the calendar and this is a great chance to do it. The Abandon Annually is often important to do in writing, because the extra responsibility of putting it down on paper increases clarity of thought.

So how do you stay focused on your priorities?  And what will you do this summer to move yourself forward?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

And don't forget you can still sign up for the summer Turbo courses, but registration closes on Monday at 9pm Eastern!

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