A Preview of What's Coming Next Week

By Jonathan Reitz

May 22, 2015

Yesterday I mentioned how much I enjoy talking with coaches because I always seem to come away from those conversations with new awarenesses of what's going on in my life or in my coaching.

Talking with coaches, even in a non-coaching conversation, always seems to facilitate learning for me. I really appreciate that.

But learning is only as good as the action you take with it. Taking in new information does you no good if nothing around you changes.

The coaches in my network have absolutely spoken to me about some tweaks to the CoachNet training process. Wondering what they are? Take a look at this video:

Here's what's going on behind the scenes: One of my big learnings the last few months has been that coaches-in-training need to actually coach more (and receive feedback) on their coaching. Adults learn by doing, and this is a great opportunity.

We've re-oriented around a simple paradigm: Orientation, Practice, Specialize, Internalize. This paradigm is one that you can use in your coaching.

Orientation: The first phase sets a participant up for success. This is about knowledge transfer and vision development. You figure out where your skills will take you and what you need to learn. You begin to know what you don't know. This is the cnLaunch training process.

Practice: The second section starts with getting out there and doing it. BUT, you're not on your own. You've got an experienced hand journeying along side of you, helping you learn from the experience. cnLab is your practice environment.

Specialize: Here is where you start becoming the unique coach you're wired to be. You take the foundation of effective coaching you learned in the Orientation phase and begin to apply it in unique ways. The cnPlus options walk you through how. Best of all, you can take cnPlus courses as single, stand alone options OR you can combine them with cnLab to earn a concentration in Ministry Coaching or one of the other options.

Internalize: Finally, the last stage looks at who you are as you help others develop.   With a focus on Coaching Presence, the coach's internal makeup and character is explored in cnEssential.

By putting the Practice and Specialize phases before Internalize, the training arc focuses on the cycle of action and reflection to help you grow the most you can in the shortest period of time possible.  

(Because I know you'll ask, our previous paradigm was Orientation, Internalize, Specialize & Practice.  We found that too many coaches ended up Paralyzed by this process.  The new paradigm targets Energize as the main outcome.)

We're constantly learning the best ways to help you become the best coach you can be!  Thanks for going on this journey with us.

Watch for the newly re-organized training track debuting next Tuesday morning. I'd love to hear your comments below!

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