I Have A Dream. (Not original, I know, but read more...)

By Jonathan Reitz

July 30, 2014

I have a dream.

I know, it’s not an original line. But I do. I have a significant dream. It’s about change…well, a very specific change. Imagine a world where people stop making statements, and start leading with questions.

Think about what this would do for us…our attention would immediately be taken off ourselves and put on the person standing in front of us. We’d begin to explore another part of the world, a part that doesn’t revolve around us. The other person would feel empowered and challenged to share their world with us.

I have a dream.

We would all become more generous, and that is a good thing. We’d all become aware of things, ideas, issues, concerns and opportunities that otherwise would miss our attention.

It wouldn’t take long. But the change would potentially be enormous. We’d build relationships, and community. We’d be connected IN REAL LIFE and not just on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other technology.

None of us would be alone, except when our chosen daily rhythms helped us prepare to focus on another person. Think of the effect this would have on your family, your work, your neighborhood, your church and even your prayer life.

You’d know what to pray for. You’d know your neighbors. You’d know your kids. You’d know more about the mission your company is tackling. You’d know your friends. You might even know your God better.

It’s simple to do. Start with a question–ideally one that’s a little different than “How are you?” Maybe try “What did you wake up thinking about today?” or “What are you noticing about your faith these days?”

That’s all it takes. It starts a different kind of conversation, the kind that goes beneath the surface and opens up new possibilities for connection, conversation and even friendship.

Asking questions does not come naturally to me. It really doesn’t. It’s all learned behavior for me, but I sure like what it does. I’ve made friends, found coaching clients, and even met my wife…all by starting with questions.

Imagine what it could do for you!

Got a question you think would start a conversation well? What is it? I’d love to see it in the comments below!


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Jonathan ReitzJonathan Reitz has a number of impressive titles at CoachNet Global (Chairman/CEO/Guy with Coffee).  Jonathan has been coaching for over 10 years and has worked with over 500 clients in the church, the non-profit sector and the business world. 

  “Coaching plays a part in the kind of leadership the world needs,” says Jonathan Reitz.  “I want to be a part of that.”

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