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May 14, 2013

CoachNet has a long history of developing coaching cultures in organizations and networks like the ELCA. Here, in their own words, is what coaching looks like inside of the ELCA.

And here's a shorter version.

What would a coaching culture look like for you and your organization/denomination? At CoachNet, we'd love to talk to you about it!

For more from Jonathan Reitz, please click here.

Jonathan ReitzJonathan Reitz has a number of impressive titles at CoachNet Global (Chairman/CEO/Guy with Coffee).  Jonathan has been coaching since 1996 and has worked with over 500 clients in the church, the non-profit sector and the business world. 

  “Coaching plays a part in the kind of leadership the world needs,” says Jonathan Reitz.  “I want to be a part of that.”

For a daily coaching question from Jonathan Reitz, follow him on Twitter @jonathanreitz  Or, you can email hime at jonathan@coachnet.org or by phone at 440.550.4374.

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I would like to visit with you. I have been working to move the ELCA in it's understanding ministry in the Second Half of Life. I particularly want to help elders understand the gifts that they have to offer.
Also visit LinkedIn Group: Aging and Spiritulity -- Second Half of Life Ministry
My home e-mail is bmccaffr@verizon.net
REV. BRIAN McCAFFREY at 11:51am EDT - May 14, 2013

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