Putting Your Relationships on Mission


January 15, 2013

This is a great day for anyone who wants to go on mission!

Hugh Halter's new book--Hi…this is Jonathan Reitz from CoachNet.  We're excited to be a part of the launch of Hugh Halter's new ebook A Righteous Brood.  Hugh has been a friend of mine and an encourager of coaching in general and CoachNet in particular for a long time.  The book is being released today on www.exponential.org.

This book is as personal as any that I can remember from Hugh, and it has lessons for all of us.  The subtitle of A Righteous Brood is making your family the front line of mission.  Wow, if that isn't taking seriously the call to make disciples, I don't know what is.  Hugh summarizes it like this:  You won’t have a missional church unless the families in your church learn to go on mission together.

He's right you know.  But here's what he won't tell you:   there are tremendous parallels between taking your family on mission and coaching other disciples.  And we've put together a five session video series that will trace how you can make the most of your relationships--not just your family, but your entire relational network--to make a missional impact! 

You can download Hugh's book here.   http://www.exponential.org/shop/the-righteous-brood/   It's free, and it's part of the Exponential Resource Series.  And then you can sign up for the video series below.  You CAN put your relationships on mission!

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