Accountability Is Not A Dirty Word


November 28, 2012

Bad Words

Repeat after me slowly three times "Accountability is my friend, accountability is my friend, accountability is my friend."

Accountability Is Not A Dirty Word


If you bring up the word “accountability” these days, chances are good that the response will be negative.  Many people associate accountability with guilt, stress, shame, and plenty of other negative emotions.

However, accountability does not need to be a dirty word, especially when it comes to coaching.  In fact there are numerous positive benefits that happen when we embrace accountability. 

Accountability produces:

1. Measurement – good coaches ask “How will you measure your progress on your action plan?”  This instantly helps a coaching client become more focused and specific about their next steps.

2. Progress reports –  tracking progress over time helps a coaching client see how far they’ve come and helps them reflect on what they’ve learned.  Without accountability, chances are high that tracking, recording and learning will fall by the wayside.

3. Motivation – let’s face it, we’re more likely to follow through on a plan if we allow someone to ask us about our progress.  Just knowing that our coach will ask us about our action plans is usually enough incentive to move forward versus remaining inactive.

4. Ongoing conversation – when a coach is given permission to ask about progress on action plans, the door is opened for rich, future conversations that come from questions like “What did you learn as you worked on your action plan?”  “What’s missing?” “What needs to change?”

5. Discovery of obstacles – without accountability the probability is low that significant action will ever take place.  Therefore, obstacles are never uncovered and can never be addressed.   They stay out of sight and out of mind.  Significant growth and success are stifled.  Accountability helps us discover obstacles and ways to overcome them.

So the next time you’re tempted to cringe and recoil from accountability, change your perspective.  Accountability is a wonderful, positive gift that is essential for all who desire to move forward on their challenges.

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RainerRainer Kunz is a pastor, church planter, college professor, and of course, top level coach. Rainer also lives out his passion for the Great Commission by assessing and coaching church planters throughout the world.  Reach him at

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Excellent thoughts on accountability. Great reminder.
Mel Ming at 6:53pm EST - November 28, 2012

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