Life Principle: Energy Transformation


October 30, 2012

Today we continue our series of exploring how the Life Principles found in nature that perpetuate life and health can be applied to our life and ministry to increase the potential for healthy growth.

Energy transformation is the principle that calls us to recognize both positive and negative energy that is already flowing in a system and use both for a productive outcome. In fact, sometimes the energy which we might be tempted to label as ‘negative’ can become a positive eneSurfer using wave energyrgy force if used for God’s purposes.

Just ask a surfer about using existing energy.  The force of the waves surfers use for their favorite sport can be very destructive. When resisted by retaining walls, the pounding surf can destroy all but the strongest barriers we erect. Yet surfers are able to use that same energy for propelling them through the water for hours of entertainment.

Another example of energy transformation is found in the difference between martial arts and boxing.  In boxing, opponents see force as something to be resisted and blocked. In jujitsu, rather than blocking energy coming at you, you use that energy and turn it to your own advantage.

Energy transformation encourages us to see the gift of each situation and take advantage of that gift.  A disgruntled parishioner may actually have a great idea for improving the ministry. A down-turn in the economy may give you an opportunity to reach into the community with acts of service and mercy. Loss of a leader may help you think outside the box about others who have unused gifts and abilities.

As you make decisions, here are some energy transformation questions you may want to incorporate into your ministry practice:

  • What obstacles are you facing that could be turned into an advantage?
  • How can you re-allocate resources to take advantage of an unexpected windfall?
  • Which personal passions could be better released in employees (or yourself) with some adjustments in time allocation or focus?
  • How can you use a victory or accomplishment in one area to stimulate growth in another area?
  • Which of your employees or clients has the kind of enthusiasm that could be harnessed to influence others in a positive way?
  • What ‘negative resources’ could be used for positive purposes by recasting, repurposing or re-envisioning how they are used?

As with the other Life Principles, energy transformation challenges us to look beyond the obvious and to respond to potential in our ministry for maximum results.

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