Coaching Questions For Those Who Have Their “Back Against The Wall"


October 2, 2012

back against the wallThere is a good chance that eventually the person you’re coaching will feel like their back is against the wall.  A seemingly impossible situation arises or a tough choice must be made.  In those situations, a coach can be an invaluable source of encouragement as he or she asks powerful questions.  Some of those questions can be drawn from the life of Moses as recorded in the book of Exodus.   Chapter 14, the Red Sea crossing, is especially helpful. 

In “back against the wall” situations it is easy to despair.   Most of us instantly think about the worst case scenario.   Rarely do we say "Hmm, I wonder how God is going to work this out.  I can't wait to see how He pulls it off."

Verses 1-4 tell us that the Israelites were trapped at the Red Sea. So here’s a principle for when your back is against the wall.  Remember . .

Sometimes tough times are gifts to help us grow 

Did you notice why the Israelites were in this corner? God told Moses to take this route.  God deliberately led the Israelites to this location.  The Hebrews didn't know it, but this time of trial was a blessing in disguise. Through this circumstance God was going to teach the Israelites about His greatness in an unforgettable way. And that's a lesson we dare not forget.

Here are some questions you can use that flow from this principle:

How might this situation be used by God to:

  • correct you?
  • deepen you?
  • increase your faith?
  • demonstrate His faithfulness?
  • demonstrate your faith?

So the next time you coach someone who has their back against the wall, consider what God did for His people at the Red Sea.  Consider using some powerful questions that focus on what God might be up to in a person’s life when their back is against the wall. 

RainerRainer Kunz is a pastor, church planter, college professor, and of course, top level coach. Rainer also lives out his passion for the Great Commission by assessing and coaching church planters throughout the world.  Reach him at

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I read this thinking of a particular client who is at a Red Sea momment, but found that those questions applied to me too. In a season of needing to trust God and struggling. Good questions to ask myself, before I use them on someone else. Thanks
Diane Koop at 10:41am EDT - October 4, 2012

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